Friday, 23 January 2015

Nail care Winter protection

I believe your nails are an important part of your image. Clean, polished nails leave a better impression than nails with dirt underneath them, right? That's why I wanted nail art to be part of my blog too: I believe they can make an outfit help to stand out even more or simply stand out because of the nail art. That's why I treat my nails the best I can. In Winter this is even more important because the cold makes me put on the central heating, which leaves the air in my room drier and thus makes my nails need more hydration. Let's have a look at which products I then use!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Study Break Collages

Sorry for my lack of posting, but because of the exams I don't go shopping, not even online, nor do I have time to take outfit pics. It's been a busy semester and the exams reflect that perfectly. My favourite passtime during the exams is making collages of what I would wear if I would go outside. This is an example of how that would look like:

Statement Ring

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dreaming again...

Happy New Year everyone! A new year calls for new resolutions. Last year I had good intentions, but I couldn't keep up with them. This year I'm more motivated to fulfil these dreams, so let's hope I'll fulfil them by the end of 2015!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Shoplog: Forever21, Kruidvat and New Look

Last week I went to Antwerp to sign my internship contract, which of course asked for a small shopping celebration! :D I didn't buy that much in the end, which is of course is a good thing considering the presents I had to buy for Christmas, but still... I was a tad bit disappointed, especially in Forever21. When I came home that weekend I learned that I had received a package from Asos. Luckily Asos never lets me down.
Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Forever21, Kruidvat and New Look: New Look Patent Box Clutch Bag from ASOS

Thursday, 11 December 2014

These boots are made for walking (shoplog)

Some weeks ago, when the cold hit Belgium a bit and I felt like my Converse sneakers would not keep me safe from the lowering temperatures, I decided to shop some new boots. I own several pairs of boots, but they all have a heel and since my knee still hasn't healed completely I had to buy boots without heels. I must say I succeeded quite well. 
Clothes & Dreams: These boots are made for walking (shoplog): Black knee-high River Woods boots and brown River Woods boots

Monday, 1 December 2014

Baby blue hues

This Autumn I got this want for baby blue everything. My most wanted piece is still a baby blue coat, but for now I have to be happy with a beanie and a scarf. Oh and a baby blue Instax, but I already bought that one in Summer so that doesn't really count. 

Let me try to convince you why you should wear baby blue pieces this Autumn/Winter. 

 Pull&Bear Faux Fur Jacket ASOS Beanie With Pearl Veil  Pull&Bear Scuba Skirt
Girls On Film Petite Short Sleeve Lace Crop Top  ASOS Jacket With Rounded Shoulder And Borg Collar ASOS RISKY BUSINESS Ankle Boots

ASOS Leather Look Biker Jacket with Structured Shoulder  River Island Box Pleat Satin Midi River Island Marabou Beanie Hat

Yep, I'm completely convinced baby blue is the perfect Autumn/Winter colour! :D

xo Noor

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Saturday, 29 November 2014

OOTD: Coat weather

The best part of the weather getting colder must be that I can wear my favourite coat again. I've bought him two Winters ago with a friend in Antwerp. She pointed the black version of this New Look coat out to me, because I had told her I was looking for a new coat with a hood. But the moment I saw the blue version I was in love.

Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Coat weather: outfit with New Look coat, H&M scarf, Primark bag, Levi's jeans, River Woods boots