Friday, 1 May 2015

Guess my age!

Today I learned about Microsoft's new program How Old Do I Look? and tbh it's hilarious! It's a face detecting program where you have to upload your picture and then they'll predict your age and gender. I think the program still needs some adjustments, let me show you by means of some test pics of mine. (;
Clothes & Dreams: Guess my age! Am I... 13?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Outfit Recap: Internship #2

Oooops kind of forgot to publish this internship outfit recap! But here we go! :D

Outfit #1
Clothes & Dreams: Outfit Recap: Internship #2: Bershka cardigan, H&M jeans, River Woods boots
I was wearing my suuuuper fluffy Bershka cardigan. H&M jeans and River Woods boots. The day before this outfit, on Sunday, I had to wait for the train for 15min and I was so incredibly cold I decided to wear this fluffy cardigan the next day. I haven't regret it at all! This cardigan definitely beat 5 degrees Celsius!

Friday, 10 April 2015

NOTD: Beach House and Nails

Whoow I'm back! Took me quite a while to post anything again. Combining an internship with writing a thesis is a hell of a combination! But now I've got time to paint my nails again (I left them bare most of my internship... The horror!), I'm not leaving them in one colour! I used a super cute Ciaté mini nail polish from their Beach House collection and a Barry M Nail Art Pen. That's it!
Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Beach House and Lace: White Barry M Nail Art Pen and Ciaté mini polish Beach House collection Pepperminty

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

OOTD: Shirt-Jeans-New Shoes Combo

Finally a real OOTD again! I'll keep posting my internship outfits on my Instagram @clothes_and_dreams, but whenever I can I'll post a 'real' OOTD too. This weekend, in between two rain showers and a small hailstorm we could take some pics of my outfit. This is actually also a kind of internship outfit because I wore this outfit on Friday at my internship. 
Clothes & Dreams: OOTD: Shirt-Jeans-New Shoes Combo: Forever 21 shirt, Levi's Jeans, Pull & Bear shoes

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Outfit recap: internship #1

If you're following me on Instagram you might have already seen my latest internship outfits. Let's have a look what I've been wearing the last two weeks.
Clothes & Dreams: Outfit recap: internship #1: outfit #1, Zara pullover, Levi's jeans, River Woods boots 
Outfit #1
I wore a Zara pullover, which is two or three years old. It's a nice beige colour, perfect with a white shirt or top underneath. I paired it with my Levi's jeans, which I've been wearing a lot lately. I've had this jeans for only half a year now, but I wear it at least once every week! The boots are from River Woods, as seen in my These boots are made for walking shoplog.
Clothes & Dreams: Outfit recap: internship #1: Stradivarius leather top, Primark jacket, Levi's jeans, River Woods boots 

Monday, 9 February 2015

Life Lately

Hi there!
Missed me?

I haven't been blogging decently for over a month now and I feel terrible about it!

Exams made me stay inside for a month, except when I had an exam or had to get food.
Internship (which I am loving at this moment!) makes me get up at 7am, go outside and get back home at 7.30pm.
School makes me work on internship blog posts or thesis when I get home from my internship and during the weekend. Well, school is actually the reason for my first two reasons too, but you get what I mean (;

So... I've figured out that I would show my outfits on Instagram and then make a weekly update on it here. I will also try to paint my nails again, as soon as I get some quick drying top coat. I.e. this weekend, hopefully (;

I'll keep you posted!

xo Noor

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Nail care Winter protection

I believe your nails are an important part of your image. Clean, polished nails leave a better impression than nails with dirt underneath them, right? That's why I wanted nail art to be part of my blog too: I believe they can make an outfit help to stand out even more or simply stand out because of the nail art. That's why I treat my nails the best I can. In Winter this is even more important because the cold makes me put on the central heating, which leaves the air in my room drier and thus makes my nails need more hydration. Let's have a look at which products I then use!