Wednesday, 23 April 2014

OOTD: Searching for blossoms

Two weeks ago I walked the ground behind my house and I noticed the trees that stood there were in full bloom. Unfortunately there was nobody home to take a picture of me with them, so I decided to come back the week after that to take pictures hoping the blossoms wouldn't have disappeared by then. Of course I forgot and when I came back there this weekend the blossoms were already gone. Nevertheless we took some pictures of my outfit with the not-so-much-in-bloom tree. :p

Monday, 21 April 2014

NOTD: Easter nails

Happy Easter everyone! Today I want to show you how my nails were looking this Easter. I really wanted to do a gradient again, which I spiced a little up with some striping tape and this is the result:

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Easter nails: complete nail art

The base colour is white; I'm really going craaaazy about that colour at the moment! But this time I used another white polish instead of the Hema one I used in my Snow White nail "art". Next to the white I used these colours:

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Easter nails: used nail polish

These are, from left to right: Colorama Cremoso intenso Batida de coco, a white nail polish I bought four years ago when I was in Brazil. It's not really chipping or anything, I just cut my nail while preparing a meal and then I just peeled the part that I cut of off and covered it with another layer of white polish, which of course isn't on the same level as the parts of the nail I painted previously. I am really that clumsy that I cut off part of my nail polish when cooking, yep. The yellow colour then is Catrice's 510 Bye, Bye Birdy! The orange is a colour I received from a friend when in Brazil last Summer, after she'd heard about my no-nail-polish-buying-for-a-year-contract and got pity with me. So sweet! ^^ The purple is Catrice's 130 Lucky In Lilac, a colour which I'm actually never wearing since purple just isn't that much my cup of tea. A colour that IS my cup of tea is this beautiful blue 240 Sold Out For Ever, also from Catrice. I love wearing this one as a plain colour too. It's safe to say that blue is my favourite colour, as you could see in my latest OOTDs. Saying it is my favourite colour would actually be an understatement, to be honest. :p

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Easter nails: detail of nail art on forefinger

For the forefinger I first painted my nail white, then when it had dried completely I applied striping tape as parallel as possible and then I sponged the four different colours on. Then carefully pull off the striping tape and tadaaaam! :D Gradients are such great ways to use as many colours as possible. Me likes! :D
Any thoughts on the whole nail art? :D

And with this nail art I celebrated Easter, which I've spent with my boyfriend's family. The ten hours I spent at his home were filled with lots of laughter, happiness and delicious food. :D I hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine! :D

xo Noor

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tutorial: How to take off nail polish with cotton balls

Today I want to show you how you can take off nail polish without damaging your nails by rubbing it with toilet paper (as I used to do). I've got this hint from a friend of mine who found it on the internet one day and she passed her discovery on to me because she knew how much I adore painting my nails. This method is incredibly easy and all you need is this:

Clothes & Dreams: Tutorial: How to take off nail polish with cotton balls: only one cotton ball needed

One cotton ball.

Monday, 14 April 2014

NOTD: Mermaid me

Ariel has never been my favourite Disney character; Snow White was. But since I'm into Disney characters as inspiration for nail arts and I've already done a Snow White one, I'm having mermaid on my nails right now.

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Mermaid me: nail art NOTD

Friday, 11 April 2014

Crush: Bun holder

My hair noticed the warmer weather too: every time the temperature rises above 10 degrees and I'm on my second day after having washed my hair I tend to put my hair in a bun. And now I've found a great expansion to my regular bun or even a donut bun: Bun. Holders. (Alternatively called: bun surround or bun hairband) I've listed my favourites, but this one is my ultimate favourite:
Coral (Orange) Coral Exotic Flower Bun Garland Hairband | 303944583 | New Look
Extremely pretty, right? Imagine walking around in Summer with this piece of awesomeness in your hair!

Monday, 7 April 2014

NOTD: Snow White's Nails

When I painted my various nail designs in my All Things Pink blog post, I used white as the base colour. I was so excited to put all sorts of designs on my white nails that I didn't leave them untouched. However, the white nails caught my attention and I decided to make a white only nail design soon. And that time has come.

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Snow White's nails: nail art with white nail polish from Hema

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Shoplog: Antwerp time!

Being/Trying to be a fashion blogger, needless to say I love shopping. Lately I've been spending a lot of time shopping on line, but on Wednesday I've spent an adorable day doing some shopping in Antwerp with a friend. It was exhausting, since I was still a little ill, but so much fun! And I came home with adorable pieces, YAY!

Clothes & Dreams: Shoplog: Antwerp time!: high-waisted shorts Forever21