About my obsession for dungarees

Dungarees, or also called overalls, are becoming hot pieces. Every time I see one in a shop, I actually remember my old baby pictures, and probably I'm not the only one (; I am finally getting over that picture in my head and the appreciation for this garment is only rising every time I check a webshop. Gosh, do they have some gorgeous pieces?! Here are my favourites:
Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Exclusive Dungarees Image 1 of Motel Demi Dungarees In Paisley Print Image 1 of SHORT TWILL DUNGAREES from Zara

Image 1 of DUNGAREE DRESS from Zara
(Click link = open website)
They really come in every color and form (even as a dress!) so it is almost impossible not to find your perfect pair of overalls. However, I have not yet encountered my perfect pair: I am small with not-that-small hips, so I really want to try them on before buying them because I am afraid it would be too wide at my hips etcetera. But I will continue my search for the perfect pair! :D

How about you? Do you already/still possess a pair of overalls? :D


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