Nail rings

Have you already seen them around? Nail rings: rings that cover one of your nails. I have recently come across them on the internet and I immediately fell in love!
Here are some of my favourites:

i have that ring  
nail ring? COOOOL!!!! 
Source: Tumblr

I think they must be horrible to wear for a whole day (I def would get stuck in my hair with those), but I also think they are AWESOME. I mean, what a statement piece! Definitely grabs the attention of everybody looking at your hands, and gosh I'm in love!
I'm not that fond of the last one, but I like the concept: instead of squadratic nails, a nail in the form of a heart, ain't that cute? :D
Sadly enough I have not yet encountered them around here, in Belgium, but I'm hoping they will come soon! I've already searched a little on the internet, but I don't like the snake designs, and others are too long for my small hands or are too expensive... Ugh, bummer! But I will continue to search, I reallyyy loooove this trend! 
Anybody who has already bought such a ring?


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