Ugg Australia nowadays

I first met the brand Ugg Australia when I saw someone walking down the street, wearing them. I immediately thought they were so ugly, and my opinion hasn't changed since then.
My opinion about the brand on the other hand I have to change a little. A while ago I saw an advertising from Ugg Autstralia in Elle (Holland or Belgium, I forgot which one) and I had to admit; those shoes were nice. Recently I've discovered their website and what I've seen there... Well, it does not come close to the Ugg boots I used to associate when hearing "Ugg". 

First of all: they actually have heels! And nice ones too. I'm in love with the Womens LUCIANNA MARRAKECH model. A perfect shoe for Summer, methinks. 

Or this pair: Womens Callia:

I would immediately buy them in a store: they look so comfy, chic, and not at all Ugg-like!
They are also selling apparel, but I'm not totally convinced of that. 
What do you think about their shoes?


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