Why I use hair oil

Let me introduce my hair: it's rather long, thin, dry and rather sleek. I only have to brush it after taking a shower and I'm done. Easy peasy, but also rather boring... That's why one of my goals for April is about my hair-lazyness (read more about that here!) 
Now let's talk a bit more about its dryness. 

Thanks to the awesome weather the last few months (NOT.), my hair has been suffering quite a lot. The constant heating in my room and the cold outside made my hair split a lot lately. Luckily I've discovered the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil;
ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil Extraordinary Oil 
I am using this besides a conditioner and a hair mask and it's really nice to use. I love to put a little of  the hair oil on the end of my hair after taking a shower. That part of my hair then shines more and is nourished too, and that's why since I've bought it, I'm completely addicted to it! Hopefully the product keeps its promises and will protect my hair from outside dangers. And even if it helps only a little, my hair will shine bright like a diamond. (Well, at least the ends of it.)

What hair care products do you use?


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