Explanation for the lack of hairstyle tutorials

This blog is about fashion, nail art, dreams and .. hairstyles. A follower of my blog may have noticed that there are not that much hair style tutorials on my blog. Well, in case you did notice this: that's completely true. There's only one, so to say that my blog is about hairstyles would be kind of unfair, but I do have a good reason to call this blog a blog about hairstyles, but why that part is kind of lacking right now.

IThe reason is very simple: I'm used to wear my hair loose. This comes in very handy when it's cold because it actually keeps my neck warm :p Now with the rather bad and cold Belgian weather, I wasn't feeling like doing a nice hairdo when I knew my neck would freeze off because of the cold. I know I could be wearing scarves, etc., but even though I was wearing two scarves, I would still feel cold with my hair loose, so I couldn't image not feeling cold with my hair for example in a pony tail. Now that the exams have started, the weather is finally getting better, but I just don't have time to make a braid and spend half an hour taking pictures of it, just to conclude that my hair actually does look a little greasy on them. (In case you would want to know: I tend to use the exams as a way to prolong the amount of days without washing my hair. Afterwards, I always get back to the 'every-two-days' mentality, but at least I've tried...)

And a simple pony tail is just not worth that amount of work and space on my blog. (:

I promise to be a good blogger again, with some of my favourite hairstyles on this blog, as soon as those exams end.

Until then: enjoy looking through my blog :D Even though I don't have that much hair style tutorials, there are other interesting posts to find (;


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