Dreams: October so far, part 2

Since yesterday I was too tired to realize I had to give an update about my goals, I'm telling you all about it today :D

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
Today I went to a sports class with some friends, and we already made plans to go on Thursday too, yay! :D

2. Eat healthier, a.k.a. no more fastfood when you have time to cook yourself.
I only cooked once due to my stupid school schedule which always give me classes at 12 o'clock and at 19 o'clock --'

3. Don't buy too much nail polish. (a.k.a. one colour a week)
20 days have passes that I can buy nail polish again and I only bought one paint potttt! :D I'm so happy with myself here :D Tomorrow you can see which colour I've bought (;
4. Get funky with those nail arts again! 
My nail polish from today is quite funky, even though it is not that arty, but hey, at least it's special :D Got you wondering what I'm so raving about? Then come back tomorrow (;

5. Make a 10-days-update of my goals, so I don't forget them by the middle of the month. 
Kind of succeeding in this one (a) :p

Do you have any goals?

xo Noor

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