New brand crush

During the last exams I spent some time visiting blogs. And on one blog, which I unfortunately don't remember the name anymore, I saw a collage with a very, very pretty piece of clothing in it, this one:
 Pretty, isn't it? :D Brand crush mode: ON!

Soon I found out that Zalando, a webshop that ships to Belgium, sells this brand named Finders Keepers. Since then, I'm saving money to get me one of their pieces (Still a poor student, you know, but some dreaming never hurt anyone (; )

Some of my favourites: Keepers - SAME DIRECTION - Zomerjurk - Multicolor

A friend of mine showed up with the dress of the last line to a party, and I recognized it immediately! The pieces aren't cheap for a student, but I believe they are definitely worth it. And one day I'll show you, wait and see :D

xo Noor

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