So fashiony + shoplog

Actually the title should be the other way round, LOL. So first I bought something and because of that somebody called me "fashiony" :p 
To start, this is what I bought:

So today we had a gathering with some friends and one of them said "Gosh Noor, you are always so fashiony. A year ago you started with the nail art thing and now everybody does this and now this ring. Gosh, wow." Needless to say that I felt flattered :p

What do you think about the ring BTW? It was love at first sight, especially because of the chain detail :D And even though I was holding three things in my hands, when I found out I could only spend five euros, I chose for this beauty :D It's from I Am again, a shop that has awesome jewelry, which you could already see here :D

xo Noor

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