NOTD: cotton candy nails

Last week I've discovered the instagram March nail art challenge by @californails and since the challenge for the 8th of March was 'candies', I've painted mine into delicious cotton candies. When I was a kid I once went to France with my parents and my brother and every other day we had cotton candy or an ice cream. Great memories for great candy. That's why I immediately thought of cotton candy as my candy nail art. :D Source: Mama Miss

I started laying a base coat on which I sponged purple, red and pink polish. Then I covered everything with two layers of pearl nail polish and topped it of with some more pink sponging. And then I went to bed, which made the ripples in the polish, unfortunately. I still love the design though; it's cotton candy! :D

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What do you think about my cotton candy design? :D

xo Noor

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