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As a real fashionista I become happy when I buy things. During the exams this happiness is multiplied with 100. Yesterday I had my first one, classic mythology, an awesome class with an awesome professor and awesome literature! :D I just wish all of my classes were as fun and interesting as that one! I left the room with a rather okay feeling about the exam, but still I couldn't resist the urge to buy something to get rid of all the stress. I'd had my eye on some lovely pieces for a while now, so yesterday sounded like a wonderful day to press that 'proceed to checkout' button. :D Here is what I've bought:

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Rain Pac A Parka In Ditsy Floral Image 1 of Club L Cross Back Skater Dress    

ASOS PETITE Rain Pac A Parka In Ditsy Floral + Club L Cross Back Skater Dress

Both of the items were bought through Asos. No advertising for this shop or anything, but that is just my go to-webshop whenever I feel like looking at clothing. This was actually the first webshop ever I ordered something on and ever since I just kept on falling in love with their clothes. :D

The dress was found during one of my regular e- window shopping sessions. I love the back of it! Finally a cut out dress with the cut out on the right place! :D And since it was in my size and with a 50% discount, there was no way I could get my mind off it. :p

The parka was actually something I deliberately went searching for on Asos. Last week it was raining cats and dogs, but it was still quite warm, so I thought it ridiculous I was riding my bicycle with a beanie on. I don't own any sweaters with hoodies or actually anything with hoodies, so I went looking for a nice jacket with a hoodie. Mission accomplished, yup. Best part of this all? It was available in a petite version too! I've looked at the measurements of the normal parka and this one will be 4.5 cm shorter. In tiny girl terms: quite a difference! :D

Both items haven't arrived yet, so why do I already show you what I've bought? Well, due to the exams I just don't feel like taking any pictures, partly because those designer bags underneath my eyes aren't charming, partly because I'm not in the mood to match a decent outfit to go studying at the library (especially because I'm always late and tired when I leave my apartment :p). Sooo.. that's why I wanted to write a decent post before saying that I won't be blogging much the following four weeks. Wow, that sounds incredibly long! I'll just keep on buying new things, so by the time I'm back, I'll have tons of new outfit ideas! :D (This means I just MUST buy new clothing the coming four weeks, YES! :D) 

Have a nice weekend (+ Friday :p) and see you in four weeks!

xo Noor

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