Parisian shoplog

Being three days in Paris of course also asks for some shopping time. I had made a wish list and in the end I succeeded in buying or visiting every item or shop I wanted to! :D Since the friend I went visiting knew the city very well I only had to give her the addresses of the shops and she planned when we would go where. This way we passed the shopping street and the shop I wanted to go most on the first day. Most damage was thus done on that first day. :p

These macarons were actually bought on the last day, but they were the most typical Paris thing I've bought. :D All of my other acquisitions were bought on the first day.
We started by doing a small cultural tour and when visiting the Louvre, we passed a cute shop where I saw a cute perfume dispenser. I just couldn't resist buying it! :D When walking around in the shop I also noticed a cute lens case, so I bought that one too. I'm such a sucker for cute gadgets! :p

Then we went to Stradivarius, a shop which was on my wish list. I've known this shop for years now and I've always loved their clothes, but it was a bit troublesome to get there since they don't have a shop in Belgium. As a kid I would go to Lille, France every now and then because they had other shops than in Belgium, and that's how I got to know the brand. Eventually when going to Antwerp we had to sit a longer time on the train, but to get to Lille I didn't have such a good train connection as to go to Ghent (no change of trains, only 25min, yay!) so I usually chose to go to Ghent. :p But when knowing I would visit Paris, this shop went on my wish list in no time! :D

I bought this brown bag because I didn't have one in which my binders for school could fit. I also bought a pale blue knit but I haven't succeeded in picturing the colour right, but you'll see that one passing by for sure!

Another shop which was on my wish list was Kiko. I didn't know the brand until I saw a review on The Polished Cats of the product I eventually would buy there, the 30 Days Extension Serum. In the shop I found this product and with it some other products too. I'm not such a makeup lover; foundation and everything are not my cup of tea, but this brand really has a bit of everything for everyone. :D

3 nail lacquers (of course :p): 238, 295 and 335.

A nail file in glass.

30 Days Extension Serum.

Double Touch Lipstick in 112. Says to last up to 10 hours, will test this soon!

After all I think I've been quite a good girl to my bank account. :p It certainly helped that we were visiting a friend and were not on a city/shopping trip. I did also spend money on food and drinks, because that friend I visited really knew the cool spots! :D

Any thoughts on my new stuff? :D

xo Noor

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