It took me a while but here is another Instadiary. Here are some of my favourite pictures from my Instagram account over the last weeks.
 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
Some fashion shops give you interior inspiration. & Other Stories is one of them, according to me. I just love how their interior is clean, has plants in it and dares to use objects differently to show their products. This aquarium is the perfect example. I am thinking about trying this out in my own apartment when we'll have one. Weekends call for pampering. I just love this OPI red nail polish. It's classy red that doesn't scream for attention. Beside that, I put on a face mask. I love using Lush' Oatifix because it always helps my face through the Winter.
Il dolce far niente is almost a synonym to my Sundays!
These four earrings have been my favourite pairs the last few weeks. They're unusual, but so classy.

 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
2016 started as a wonderful evening with friends.♥
This quote is so me. The word imperfection says it self: I'm perfection. (; I love going to flee markets, where I'm always interested in odd things or things that are missing a piece.
This appetiser was made during  team building with my co-workers. It was SO good! Panko-fried gambas and a dressing made with Greek yogurt and wasabi. Yummy!!
 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
Of course Ghent needs to be present in my pictures every once in a while! This picture was taken during the Christmas market, featuring the Roue de Paris and the Sint-Niklaaskerk.
The last couple of weeks I had to step out of my comfort zone since I'm working now. New environment, new people, new situations, new use of a language (I've almost never had to use French on a conversational basis, but our team is part French speaking, part Dutch speaking so at least once a day I have to ask or say something in French, a language I had almost only spoken at school.). It's good to grow as a person.
In this blog post you could read about my head to toe new accessories. I really love this picture from that shoot.
These triangle earrings are so cool! They're made of two different triangles, as you could read in this blog post.
 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
Ghent by night, when I went having dinner with some friends. ♥
I won a giveaway on Eefje's blog ( In this and this blog post you could see what was behind the doors of this advents calendar! :D
With some co-workers we visited the Brussels' Christmas market. I found those roses so cool!
I work really close tp the Brussels' Stock Exchange and this is how it looks like during the Christmas market period, by night.
 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
I'm a sucker for odd floors. Yes, #Ihavethisthingwithfloors.
I went to the Balmain x H&M presale event in Brussels. It was really cool and I bought some things, which you can read about here.
On a windy but not so cold day the boyf and I went to the beach. The boyf was really into black & white pics that day, which I think are so cool! There's something about such pictures that you can't get when you change coloured pictures to black & white afterwards. It was such a wonderful day too.
I met up with a friend and we had dinner and a cocktail together. This cocktail is topped with cotton candy. Yes, cotton candy. Super sweet, but you feel instantly happy (as a child)! :D
 Clothes & Dreams: Instadiary
My new Mango earrings came in such a nice bag. Had to take a picture, of course. (;
These are the double triangle earrings I talked about earlier.
Smile! It actually makes your mind think you're happy too, so you will get happier and smile even more! :D
Start of Autumn and getting some delicious nuts fresh from the woods. Gosh now I miss these nuts so much! I could eat tons of them during Autumn. :D

It's been a long Instadiary this time. I tried to limit my number of pictures because since the picture with the nuts I've posted a whole lot more pics on Instagram. From now on I'll try to publish an Instadiary every two weeks, so I can show all of my pictures without having an overload in the blog post. Every other week I'll publish a Life lately post. My life has changed so much the last months (job), will change the coming months (the boyf and I are looking for an apartment) and I also want to keep you updated about my dreams (I've got a sewing machine, I try to run at least once a week, etc.) so every two weeks I'll give you an update on those things. :D

See you next time!

xo Noor

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