Sunday, 3 July 2016

Travels: Bologna baby!

One of the perks of having international friends is you always have a place to stay when you decide to go traveling in two days. That's how I ended up in Bologna some weeks ago. The weather was good (vs. rain in Belgium, everything is good!), I stayed with a friend I hadn't seen in six years, we visited another friend of ours and the food was delicious. Yep, I had a great time! :D
Traveling: Bologna baby!

In the three days I stayed there, we visited quite some places. Most of it was for free, yay! The faculties of the University of Bologna is really worth a visit too! The architecture is mostly quite impressive, but you also have the faculty of biology, where there are two stores full of stuffed animals and skeletons of animals. Really interesting!
Traveling: Bologna baby! Faculty of Biology
Since the weather was so good in comparison to the Belgian weather, I just couldn't stay inside the whole time. We walked around Bologna too, which is a nice and pretty city!
Traveling: Bologna baby!  
Traveling: Bologna baby! Basilica di san Petronio

One quite characteristic thing about Bologna are its two large towers. Here they are at night:
Traveling: Bologna baby! Torre Asinelli
We visited one of them on my first day in Bologna, even though my friend said before climbing it she wouldn't visit it: in Bologna it is said that if you climb the tower, you won't graduate. Oops, sorry Vero! :D
Traveling: Bologna baby! View from Torre Asinelli
If you're afraid of heights (as I am), you won't like the climb AT ALL. The stairs are built on the inner sides of the tower, so you can clearly see how much you would fall if you would fall. The view on top of it was incredible though, so it was worth the (awful) climb!
And afterwards we had an ice cream. Great reward for myself! :D
Traveling: Bologna baby!

The second day we visited the sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. Again we had to climb a lot of stairs, but luckily they were low to the ground. There were a lot, though. And it was noon, so it was hot. 
But again, the view was worth it! 
Traveling: Bologna baby! View from Santuario Madonna di San Luca 
Traveling: Bologna baby! Santuario Madonna di San Luca
As I said, most of our trips were for free. I can't imagine the faculty charging their students every time they enter the building, tbh. (; The climb to the towers was only three euros, which is an okay price for (such an awful climb and) such a wonderful view. Another thing we visited for free was the underground view on how the city used to look like. It's underneath a library/the old stock exchange. If you want a guided tour, you need to book it, but even without a guide it's interesting! 
Traveling: Bologna baby! Former stock exchange remains of Bologna
If you want to make a small and calm city trip to an Italian city, Bologna is a good choice. Just one big tip: don't go there in August! My friend told me she would go back to her city in August, just like most of the people and students living in Bologna. Almost every shop will be closed and the city will almost look abandoned. Not a great environment to travel in, I believe.

Have you ever visited Bologna? :D

xo Noor

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