Tuesday, 20 December 2016

OOTD: You can never have too many striped tops

I've always loved stripes and I don't think I will ever grow tired of them. They're just so timeless! That's why I just couldn't resist buying this striped top nor wearing it constantly. :D
I paired the top with my blazer and my Levi's jeans. A super simple outfit, but the striped top gives it an elegant touch.

I topped this outfit with my super super warm scarf. It's gotten quite cold lately, and since I'm ALWAYS cold I need it so badly! Lucky me the boyf knows what to get me for Christmas. :D

I was wearing: H&M striped top, H&M blazer, Levi's jeans, 
Bocage boots, H&M bag and America Today scarf

Did you notice it? I got a hair cut! My hair was super broken and wanted something different, so I decided to chop off 10cm. It's quite a big difference for me, but I'm so glad I did it!

How many striped clothes do you own? :D
(I checked: I own 3 striped dresses, 4 striped tops and 3 striped cardigans. Oops!)

xo Noor


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