Light in the Box shoplog!

Two months ago I discovered this awesome website LightInTheBox. I immediately bought some cool stuff for nail arts. Here are some things I've bought!

 It took the package some three weeks to arrive after I had ordered, also because it took them one full week to ship my package. That's a real pity, because I was thrilled to discover the webshop, but wanted to wait until my first package arrived so I could check the quality etcetera. By the time the package arrived at my home, I had already removed a lot of "I want this right now!"-things from my favourites list, but I am still planning to buy some things there. Such as:
As the webshop offers a wide range of stuff, it's not easy to decide what to buy first. And as this webshop has the cheapest nail art stuff I've already seen on the www, I love buying things here!

What do you think about my purchases? Did you already know the webshop? If you ever buy nail art things, where do you buy it?


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