Thursday, 4 April 2013

What I wore today :D

Hi there!

Today I went to a Asian restaurant with a friend for lunch. As I am studying a lot this week and next week, I have to eat good and healthy so I don't get ill. (This was actually the perfect excuse to eat out today. I just looooove eating out! :D ) And best of all: in this restaurant, everything is freshly made, de-li-cious!! (For people who sometimes go to Ghent or are planning to go here: this is their website: (;

So, what did I wear today?

Image 1 of River Island Zig Zag Textured Skater Dress This gorgeous dress from River Island!
Image 1 of ASOS Small Hair Donut This cool bun-aid from Asos. Really helps me a lot: I have reaaally thin hair, and with this, I finally have a bun which seems to be filled with a lot of hair :p (BTW, this was one of my dreams for this month, read all about it here!)
And then this coat from 3 Suisses. As it's quite cold outside for this time of the year, I can still wear him with a big scarf so I don't freeze to death when I'm riding my bike to school or wherever :D
What do you think about the clothes? :D

These are two things I've bought via Asos and one via 3 Suisses. I'm not that fond of 3 Suisses; I love looking around on Asos more than on 3Suisses, I think their clothes are rather expensive in comparison to Asos and both clearly have a different style. Their quality is more or less the same, at least for the things I bought (:
Do you buy a lot on the internet?

That was it for my clothes. Nooooow: my nails!
Last week was my birthday and a good friend of mine bought me a nail art pencil set. This is the first I've done with those pencils :D

So, what do you think? I used Catrice and H&M nail polish to make the roses, the pink on the other fingers is also Catrice :D 

BTW, did you know: 
inlovewithfashion is doing a giveaway on their facebook page, you definitely should go and take a look! :D


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  1. really love what you wore! that dress and jacket looks so great together

    hope you'll visit back


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