365 days of not buying nail polish

I own 65 different colours of nail polish. That's right, 65. I have collected those in a span of two years, which makes 2.7 paint pots a month, so you can easily call this an addiction. Now I wanted to do something about that and a good friend of mine proposed to make a contract that said that I could not buy nail polish for a whole year, 365 days. If I would succeed, she would buy me beer, if I don't, I have to buy her beer. 
 BTW, this is my nail polish collection:
If you want to know: this has been a real torture for me up till now. 
At least every two weeks you can find me in front of the make up part of a retail company with a loooot of different make up brands. And I cannot even buy a single drip of nail polish. Makes me go mad from time to time, yes. An example: the neon trend (which I will have an article on soon too!) now has translated into nail polish. I LOVE IT! I don't like to have a whole piece of clothing in this neon colour, but if it is nail polish it would be just PERFECT! I've seen some girls wearing it, and every time I see it, I melt! But then I remember: oh, I cannot buy it, sjdklhgiewjetaoiklit ¬¬'. 
If you're interested in how long it will take me before I can buy nail polish again, this is a clock:

Gosh, I will be the happiest person on the world when I will be standing before a nail polish rack again, pick a colour and go to the desk to buy it :D
How many nail polishes do you own? :D Would you need such a contract like I do?


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