OOTD: Crazy in love with my new jacket, does it show?


Three weeks ago I bought a bomber jacket from chicnova. It was in sale, and I was really lucky because right now this exact the same jackets costs twice as much as I have paid, so the sales from chicnova are REALLY nice! :D 

I fell in love the moment I saw this picture:
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And this is how it looks on me:

Chicnova jacket bomber

Does it show that I am just crazy in love with it? :D
When my mum called to say a package had arrived, I couldn't wait to open it! So in the four days following that call, I was imagining at least a box. But this jacket came in a tiny envelope, so I was actually thinking "But what else did I buy then?", but it was indeed this jacket :D It is thin, so I can use it both as a jacket in summer and as a pullover in winter. Ahhhh I'm so happy with it :D
What do you think about it?


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