Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tiny girl + high waisted shorts = longer legs :D

I am a very tiny girl: 1m56, which makes me the tiniest of all people like always... My upper body is not that tiny, but my legs are just not long at all... But now I have the perfect solution, at least for summer: high waisted shorts. That kind of short have a normal length, so they look like any shorts, only they start higher and thus end higher too, which makes short legs look (a bit) longer! :D But I think you should be very careful wearing these: if your waist is too wide, I think your butt would look a bit larger than you might want to (;
I immediately looked for some examples, and these are the prettiest according to me:

Image 4 of Tripp Nyc Rose Embroidery Printed High Waist Shorts Image 4 of ASOS High Waisted Denim Knicker Shorts in Floral Print
(click picture to open link)
What do you think about them? Do you own a pair of high waisted shorts?


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  1. Oh I definitely have high waisted shorts. You're right though; it doesn't usually look that good unless you have a small waist. Otherwise it makes your butt look huuuge!

    1. Exactly! But still, I just love them :D



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