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Yesterday I spent one hell of an joyful day in the Primark shop in Luik/Liège, Belgium. Well, make two hours out of that, the other four hours of the day we spent trying to get there with trains and busses and the other hour of the day we spent waiting on trains or busses :p
But we had a wonderful day and these are some things I've bought:
Clothes & Dreams: teaser Primark shoplog
Looks interesting? Well then:

This are all of the things I've bought:
Clothes & Dreams: Primark shoplog

1. A cropped blouse that you can knot at the front. The fabric is really light, so it is perfect to put between a simple top and a pullover; you won't even notice it's there :D

2. Something really nice, can you guess what? I'll be doing an outfit with this soon, so you'll see then what it exactly is :D

3. Last piece of "real" clothing is a jacket that you can only button up at the top of the jacket. Not that convenient now that Autumn has clearly arrived, but it's warm and cosy so perfect to wear as something extra in Winter :D

4. This black scarf has sort of an ethnic pattern on it. This one is different from the scarves that have the pattern all over it because this one only has the pattern at the ends. Awesome, right? :D

5. Another scarf, this time a knitted infinity one in simple grey, perfect for Winter :D

6. I've finally got a simple, black beanie again! I've lost mine last year and still felt the lost until yesterday when I saw the perfect beanie for little money. Made my day, my Autumn ánd my Winter! :D

7. A bright, multi-coloured scarf which is actually way too light to wear in Winter, but for Autumn it will just do fine. Brings some colour in my mostly darkish outfits when the weather gets colder.
8. Five pairs of panties for only four euros? Gotta have it!

9. Last but not least: a floral scarf that is warmer than he seems like :D

As you may notice, I've clearly done some autumnal-winterish shopping. Can you tell I'm very happy with my purchases? :D Can't wait to wear them in the following months!
What do you think about my acquisitions?

xo Noor

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