HOTD: invisible hair-tie

A hair tutorial again, finally! I know it's been a long time since I last put a tutorial online. Well, since I actually put ANYTHING online regarding hair styles (last one to be found here), but here I am again, yay! :D
This time I'll be presenting you a pony tail with invisible hair-tie.
I tried this one before, but I just couldn't get it good. But then I went shopping at Luik/Liege, because of the Primark there, and nearby there was a Claire's where they sold a little nice thing, this:

#HOTD: invisible hair-tie: pony wrap scunci 

This is a pony wrap by Scunci, which I bought at Claire's, a shop to be found almost everywhere in Europe. Or online, in that case you can buy it here. A really must do, since a pony wrap becomes extremely easy this way! :D In case you have it, here is a tutorial:

#HOTD: invisible hair-tie: tutorial
1. Make a sleek pony tail, but leave a little hair out.
2. Take the pony wrap.
3. Put it in your hair-tie, in the middle of your hair.
4. Turn the strand of hair that you left out in (1) around the hair-tie and in the loop.
5. (Not really on the picture but nevertheless:) Pull on the other side of the wrap, so not at the side with the loop and tadaaaam!

This is a really great aid for pony tail wraps! I know the pictures aren't that great, but the boyf was away and it was itching to make these pictures... Have fun pony wrapping! :D

xo Noor

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