NOTD: Snow White's Nails

When I painted my various nail designs in my All Things Pink blog post, I used white as the base colour. I was so excited to put all sorts of designs on my white nails that I didn't leave them untouched. However, the white nails caught my attention and I decided to make a white only nail design soon. And that time has come.

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Snow White's nails: nail art with white nail polish from Hema
This simple but awesome nail "art" has been made with Hema nail polish. It needed two coats to have decent coverage, some needed three. 

Clothes & Dreams: NOTD: Snow White's nails: White nail polish from Hema

Hema nail polish is so cheap, but tends to wear rather long. Well, at least for me, since my nail polish always starts chipping after three days... Unless I use five coats of top coat. I think I'm gonna use five coats of top coat this time too because I want this awesome colour to stay on my nails as long as possible. I'm definitely wearing this colour in summer again; so eye catching and easy. I'm not gonna tend to easy nail arts, but this white, simple nail polish is an exception I'm eager to make! :D

What do you think about white nails? Yay or nay?

xo Noor

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