New: Six & Bershka

Tuesday I had a lovely afternoon with some friends from school. I showed them a delicious new eating spot (Potatolicious, a.k.a. a potato, sauce of choice (bacon-honey-mustard ftw!) topped with three sorts of vegetables) and afterwards we went to a "pancake-house" with extremely delicious pancakes! :D In between moving from one spot to another we passed the shopping street and I couldn't hold myself because it had been too long I had set foot in a shop. I came home with two tops and one accessory, and this is the accessory which I bought at Six:

A big, gorgeous pale pink ring, which hasn't left my finger for four days now. :D

The ring looks huge, but it shows less in real life. :p

Then at Bershka I saw a gorgeous pink top when I was walking to the fitting rooms, this one: 

I tried it on and I really loved it. Then I passed the rack again and I saw there were other colours too, so I bought it in another colour too:

As you can see better on this picture: the back is longer than the front and the front has two layers. What I also like about these tops is the zipper detail in the front. :D

Even though I usually wear blue (check all of my latest OOTD's for proof (; ), I actually bought two pink things last week. Looks like I'm stepping out of my colour comfort zone. :D 

What do you think about my new things? :D

xo Noor

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